Security AwarenessNow! is a CyberSecurity Training Service provided by InternetNow.

Security Awareness Toolkit

You don’t need to be a communications expert, have an unlimited budget or set aside dozens of hours to create a truly engaging security awareness campaign. You just need the right resources.

Bring cybersecurity to the forefront of your organization and get employees involved this October with our Free Security Awareness Toolkit – whereby it comes with:

Reinforce the importance of cybersecurity by putting up posters on your notice boards and in the pantry

Keep your employees informed on the latest statistics on cyber threats

Encourage reading among your employees to empower them on best security practises

Busy? Get your employees to watch short cybersecurity videos when you commute to and fro work.

Freebies for your employees. After all, Malaysia Boleh.

Get Your Security AwarnessToolkit

Security Awareness Toolkit
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